One of our clients focuses on providing market and financial assistance to small and mid-sized companies in Toronto, and they use this motto: “The right information at the right time.” As far as consulting goes, this is by far an important aspect. We humbly borrow their definition here at REACT to describe our HR consulting practices.

The right information is a tricky concept. It is not necessarily the most obvious information. And finding the right information means properly understanding the problem to begin with. Many problems that we encounter are not skin deep, but rather organization deep. You have to dig deep to encounter what the actual need is and not the presumed need.

I have worked with an organization before that was setting a very high recruitment barrier. They had tried to hire for a few months before bringing me on. It was my responsibility as their HR adviser to warn them against screening out for small details, or to consider why some of the details were necessary to begin with. After reworking with them what they considered an ideal candidate to be, we were able to fill that position within weeks. Providing the right information isn’t always pretty, but will always be helpful.

The right time is the latter half of the motto, and it is also incredibly important. Not only does it resound with our promise for prompt and efficient HR services from our team, but it refers to the importance of timely hiring. We work almost exclusively with small- and mid-sized businesses. Part of our services are to work with those organizations to determine ideal staffing needs and realistic labour demand. There is no point over-saturating yourself with employees unless productivity is going to increase on a per-employee basis.

Here at REACT, we are dedicated to providing accurate, relevant, and timely HR assistance to help you make the best possible decision at the best possible moment. That is, to us, what having the right information at the right time means.